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Banda de Costa Rica formada en el 2005
Sus integrantes son
Dixon Badilla: Vocales
Ariel Castro: Guitarras
Gabriel Villalobos: Bajo
César González: Batería

2005: Aceldama is a three piece band formed in 2005 in San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The band started as a death metal project when the members age were around 20 years old each one. After a lot of rehearsals and live shows Aceldama started to being part of the local metal scene. One of the most important shows of that year was the Awakening Tour, where the band shared stage with Pneuma & December’s Cold Winter(Currently Advent of Bedlam).

2006: Aceldama recorded its first demo called “Victimas de la Muerte”, there were distributed just a few copies in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Mexico. Also the band participated in local events such as Rock and Word, Metal Fusion 2006, Diablo Fest and Decapitation Fest I.

2007: Aceldama recorded its first EP called “Sepultados en Tinieblas”, there were distributed just 25 copies in Costa Rica. The guitarrist Esteban Barboza left the band and its place was taken by Ricardo Varela. The band played in some live shows such as Caribean Metal Fest II, Craneo Metal IV, Decapitation Fest II, Metal Morbosis and Apocalipsis 5.

2008: The band focused on writing new songs and some local shows. In september Aceldama started to record its first album with “Ensamble Producciones” at Cartago, Costa Rica after an attempt to record some songs in San Ramón, Alajuela, but the band decided to try with Ensamble under Osvaldo Ramos direction.

2009: Aceldama continued recording its album “Melquisedec” and playing on some local shows such as Dark Souls fest y Decapitation Fest IV.

2010: In March the band released their first full-length album named “Melquisedec” under the South American label Eirene Records, in the same month the band performs a show for the first time outside of Costa Rica, in Ciudad David, Panamá. In August Aceldama played again out of Costa Rica, but this time in the Genocide Tour at Managua, Nicaragua, this time the band shared stage with some Nicaraguan bands as Mortem, Epitafio and Ancestral also with Mourtoria from Mexico and Death Crowned King from USA. In October the band recorded its first Official Video “Mundo de Muertos” that was transmitted by some Costa Rican TV Channels such as Canal 2, Canal 15 UCR, Canal 29 VM Latino, also in some international channels like Radicales TV El Salvador, Cci Channel Honduras and MTV 3 from Dallas, USA.

2011: The band started its first tour through Central America in countries like El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama, also there were performed 4 shows at Mexico playing in cities such as Pachuca, Toluca, Cuernavaca and DF. Bad news for the band, Ricardo Varela and Jessy Ferreto left the band (in different months), this time their places were taken by Samuel Agüero and Mario Villalobos. In November a new video named “El Jardin de Luzbel” was recorded, this one was edited by Christian Gomez(“Mundo de Muertos” producer) and was transmitted by some Costa Rican TV Channels such as Canal 15 UCR, Canal 29 VM Latino, also in some international channels like Radicales TV El Salvador, Cci Channel Honduras and MTV 3 from Dallas, USA.

2012: The band started to compose new songs in order to record a new full-length album. Unfortunately Dixon Badilla (vocals) decided to left the band, his place was taken by Jonathan Blanco. The band started its second tour through Central America in countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. After this tour Mario Villalobos left the band and Jessy Ferreto returned to the line-up as leader guitar.

2013: The band started to record its second full-length album but this time by itself, this one was recorded by Gabriel Villalobos (bass), the band participated in some local shows such as Titans of Death II and Apocalipsis X. In December the band took a flight to South America to start a new tour, this time in cities like Huancayo – Peru, Loja – Ecuador, Guayaquil – Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador, Popayan – Colombia, Cali – Colombia and Bogota – Colombia.

2014: In February 25th the band released its second full-length album named “Essence of Impurity” under the label Martyrdom Records from USA, recorded and mixed by Gabriel Villalobos, and masterized in Cavan Studios Costa Rica. In March the band released their third video called “Essence of Impurity” with scenes from the show at Guayaquil – Ecuador, this one was edited and produced by Samuel Agüero and was transmitted in Canal 29 VM Latino (Pandemonium), Radicales TV El Salvador and Cci Channel Honduras. The fourth video of the band was released in september, the title for this one was “Deceit of Creation”, produced by Gabriel Villalobos using a lot of scenes from the South American Tour. After half of this year Samuel and Jonathan left the band. In Samuel’s place, Melissa Mejia joined the band and in december Jose Ledezma joined the band as the new front man.

2015: The band decided to keep as a three pieces band, then Jose and Melissa were separated from the band and Gabriel started as vocal/bass player.
Fuente: Fanpage de la banda en Facebook

Sepultados en Tinieblas (2007)

Melquisedec (2010)

Essence Of Impurity (2014)

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